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Checkout — Cancer Awareness Expo 2013, September 28th, 10am-3pm

Exhibitor Booth- NonProfit, Early Bird (Before Aug 1)

Exhibit booth rates include the following:
• 10footx 10---foot booth space with 8-foot high back drape and 3-foot high side drape
• Identificaioon sign
• Oneskirted ttable (8-feet long)
• wo chairs
• Wase baskett
• Exhiit boothh rates do not include booth carpet (aisle carpet will be blue), internet connectivity, or electrical and audio/visual supplies. These can be ordered for an additional fee. For internet services, contact the South Town Expo Facility Service team at 385-468-2260. To order booth carpet, electricity, displays, or additional chairs and tables, contact JP Display Customer Service at 801-25-55171.

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